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Institutions, agents and/or brokers from these companies may be competing for your business. Apply for a car loan with Insurdinary and buy your dream car.
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Type in your information

Input your contact and work details to get started.
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Insurdinary will connect you with a partnered dealership in your area.
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After a full review of your financial status, our partners will inform you of your loan details.
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Choose a vehicle from a dealership offering you a loan and you’ll be driving your dream car in a matter of days.

Car Loan Tips

Credit Score

Know your credit score before talking to a sales agent at the dealership

Multiple Quotes

If your credit is less than perfect, browse multiple financing quotes to find one that suits your needs.

Shorter Terms

Get the shortest loan term you can afford to avoid paying unnecessary interest


Try to put as much down on the car as possible, min 20% of the car’s total value

Fees, Taxes, and Extras

Be sure to make the payments of extras, fees, and taxes with cash and not financing

Car Loans Made Easy!

Finding the right car loan might seem like a struggle. Insurdinary offers you a quick & easy solution to this problem. Here’s how it works:
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Insurdinary’s application system is super fast. Simply type in your information and we will update you on your loan approval within 24 hours.
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96% Approval

Bad Credit, No Credit – No Problem. The approval process is a breeze. Any and all Canadians are welcome to submit an application. Whatever your credit, Insurdinary will connect you to the right lender.
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Insurdinary works with most of the major lenders and institutions in Canada. Our network of lenders spans across most provinces and cities in the country.
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All your information is kept safe and secure. We only ask for basic information in our application process.
Apply for a car loan today and connect with Canada’s top lenders.
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