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Which Health Insurance Companies Are the Best? Here's How to Decide

Back in 2017, experts estimated that Canadians will spend $242 billion on health care. That means you spent about $6,604 […]

A Complete Guide to Manulife Benefits and Coverage for Infertility Treatments

Infertility rates in Canada have doubled in the last 30 years, rising from under 8% in the '80s to roughly […]

Submitting CAA Insurance Claims

Did you know CAA provides insurance and roadside services to over 6 million people across Canada? CAA has been in […]

Submitting Allstate Insurance Claims

Did you know that pet insurance is a thing? However, while Canadians spend a good deal of their money on […]

Filing an Assumption Life Claim

Did you know that around 68 percent of households in Canada have life insurance? While having to file a claim […]

Submitting TD Insurance Claims

Did you know that most insurance companies have time limits within which you must submit claims? The limit can range […]

Submitting SSQ Claims

Did you know that an average Canadian person spends $450 on prescription drugs a year? Add in the cost of dental […]

Submitting Foresters Financial Claims

Whenever we face loss we can feel devastated. We want to handle the insurance claims sooner than later. But all […]

Submitting Equitable Life Claims

Equitable Life Canada is a financial company with a long history of very strong growth using a conservative approach to […]

Submitting Intact Insurance Claims

Something terrible has happened. You've been in an accident, or you've experienced a natural disaster in your area. It's OK, […]

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