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Understanding Your Home's Hot Water Tank and Heater

Weather in Ontario can reach below zero degrees celsius. Some parts of the province can see a lot of snow […]

The Beauty of Feng Shui and Its Health Benefits

People are spending more time at home now than ever before. According to a recent report, nearly 5 million Canadians […]

In The Face of Climate Change, Let’s Talk Net Zero Homes

If you're looking for some major home renovations, look no further. There is nothing more beneficial than transitioning your home […]

Understanding Your Home's Knob and Tube Wiring

Buying a vintage house is an incredibly exciting opportunity. You have a new home with a lengthy heritage, and you're […]

Understanding Your Home's Backwater Valve

Floods are destructive. In 2013, floods in Alberta caused $3.5 billion in damage. One underrated—yet dangerous—flood risk is sewage.  When […]

Understanding Your Home's Electrical Panel

You probably know well enough that if your hairdryer dies suddenly along with your bathroom lights, you're likely dealing with […]

Understanding Your House Attic

It's so easily forgotten, but if you're a homeowner, there's a good chance you have some kind of attic space. […]

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