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How Insurdinary Rakes in Great Reviews

If you've been a fan of Insurdinary long enough to read a few of our blog posts, you're probably asking […]

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Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test: Top 5 Tips

There are many reasons why a non-Canadian would choose to live in Canada, such as establishing or joining a family, […]

What Is Mortgage Insurance? Do You Really Need It?

You’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a home. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do and you’re thrilled […]

Can I Get Life Insurance with Heart Disease?

Heart disease is a term that collects a variety of potential conditions, all of which impact the way a person’s […]

Best Travel Credit Cards in Canada: Our Top Picks

Following the ease of travel restrictions in Canada from the pandemic, residents are travelling once again. If you are ready […]

Your Guide to Getting the Best Health Insurance Coverage in Ontario

Ontario's population has grown a whopping 11.2% in a span of 10 years -- from 2007 to 2017. Today, it's […]

Health Insurance 101: A Guide to Health Insurance Basics for Individuals

If you've grown up in a country without health insurance or one where insurance isn't common, it can be an […]

Scotiabank Specimen Cheque - How to Understand It, How to Find It

Have you ever been asked to provide a Specimen Cheque but don’t have any idea what information they contain or […]

How Much Is Mortgage Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Buying property is a great investment for you and your family. But, it's an expensive commitment. Did you know some […]

The Best Private Health Insurance Deals in Canada: Your 2022 Ultimate Guide

Over 24 million people in Canada choose private healthcare insurance. This offers excellent care and coverage that the Medicare system won't […]

Protecting Your Furry Friends: Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

The history of pet health insurance dates back to the early 19th century. Whereas it was once focused on horses and livestock, […]

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