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Exploring Gaspesie National Park

Did you know that being around nature reduces anger, fear, and stress? It also makes you feel emotionally centred while […]

Exploring Iqaluit

When you're thinking of places to explore in the beautiful country of Canada, the small territorial capital of Iqaluit may […]

Discovering Glacier National Park Canada

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys gorgeous mountain vistas, placid blue lakes, forests of lush trees, you need […]

Canada: What Is It Known For and What We Offer the World

Everyone loves Canada. A September 2021 poll found that Justin Trudeau is the most popular foreign leader amongst American young […]

Exploring Cape Spear

Cape Spear in Newfoundland is known for its deep history, but few people realize it's an opportunity to make a […]

Welcome to Banff! A Scenic Mountain Beauty in Canada

The beauty of Banff is not confined to the breathtaking views and beautiful scenery. There is a lot that you […]

What Is The Average Height for Women in Canada?

Did you know that the average height for women in Canada is 161 cm? Anything above 5'8 in Canada is […]

Lac Saint Jean - Quebec’s Best Camping Experience

Canada's expanse is brimming with pure wilderness to satisfy the explorer in all of us. Home to one of the most beautiful fjords in North […]

Metis: Understanding Canada’s Indigenous History

The Metis matter. In the 2016 census, nearly 600,000 Canadians identified themselves as Metis. More and more people are feeling […]

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Canada is an expansive land that encompasses so many beautiful elements of nature, from rolling hills and mountains to breathtaking […]

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