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How Genetic Testing in Canada Works

Genetic testing -- it sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Like a modern-day Pandora's Box, opening your results could feel […]

Understanding Neurodegenerative Diseases

How much do you know about neurodegenerative diseases? Neurodegenerative disorders include illnesses like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and ALS. In Ontario […]

The Future of The Insurance Industry

There's a famous quote, "the only constant in life is change." Basically, it means that the one thing we can […]

Happy Retirement

Did you know that a whopping 70% of Canadians think that they won't have enough time to save an adequate […]

The Many Faces of Physiological Disorders

The constructs of our bodies are something that continues to strike awe into those that study it. Everything we do, from […]

Are Online Doctors the New Norm?

If you're like many Canadians, the word "2020" leaves a bad taste on your mouth. In fact, it may very […]

The New Canada’s Food Guide: A Head Start to A Healthy You

Are your eating habits up to date? In January 2019, Health Canada unveiled Canada's New Food Guide, a radical departure […]

Best Places to Live in Canada Revealed

The nation of Canada is divided up into 10 distinct provinces, as well as several territories. These provinces are unique […]

The Canadian New Drivers Guide

There are more than 26 million licensed drivers across Canada at the moment. Whether you use your driver's license every […]

The Guide to Being Common Law in Canada

Of all adults in Canada between the ages of 25-64, there are 65% in traditional marriage and 15% in a […]

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